Who We Are

  • We are distributors of Filmtec membranes, Toray menbranes and AWC (chemicals and Antiscalants).
  • We are authorized distributors of CLACK media products all made in USA. Birm, Anthracite, Carbon etc.
  • Each of our membranes comes with factory test results with ech serial number as well as certificate of authenticity.
  • We import all our products directy from manfacturers and all our products are made in USA.
  • Our office in USA have long term relationships  with our manufacturers.
  • All our products come stright/directly from manufacturers to our Karachi warehouse – no middle man or ports.
  • We carry 8 inch and 4 inch elements, both brackish and sea water.
  • We carry award winning AWC antiscalant and membrane cleaners – in easy to use 5 gallons pails.
  • We have Knowledeable staff with combined experience in Pakistan and USA.

Our Commitment

  • We supply 100% Genuine and Certified RO Membranes.
  • Award Winning AWC Antiscalant.
  • Unsurpassed Customer Service.
  • Immediate delivery in Karachi.
  • All this at very reasonable prices.


For Further Queries

Please feel free to ask question at info@quattroind.com or use the form below.